OMFIF’s Global Public Investor is a key reference point for financial institutions and provides a unique lens on approaches to investing in global markets. It analyses public sector asset ownership and management across 850 GPIs – central banks, sovereign funds and public pension funds – with investible assets of $47.2tn.

This launch event, held in London, presented key findings of the report and offered insights into wider issues for the community, including how central banks’ reserves managers are coping with inflationary pressures, geopolitics and environmental, social and governance imperatives.

The report includes the first complete survey of its kind since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with over 70 responses from central bank reserves managers across the globe received after the start of the war. The meeting reflects this to throw light on the following issues:

  • Are central bank reserves managers fazed by rising rates, inflation, geopolitical risk, stagflation or overheating?
  • How is this impacting their investment objectives? And how might their asset allocations shift as a result?
  • What are the implications for gold, bonds, risk assets and ESG?
  • What does this mean for currency diversification, external reserves managers and communications policies?

Keynote Speaker:
Marta Kightley, First Deputy Governor, Narodowy Bank Polski

Øystein Olsen, Governor, Norges Bank (2011-2022);Member of the Advisory Board, OMFIF
Mathilde Mesnard, Deputy Director, Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs, OECD
Ivan Faiella, Coordinator, Climate Change & Sustainability Hub, Banca d’Italia; Member, Network for Greening the Financial System
Neil Williams, Chief Economist, OMFIF
Didier Borowski, Head of Global Views, Amundi

First respondent:
Bing Fan, Head of International Index Strategies, Senior Portfolio Manager, E Fund Management

Recorded: 05/07/2022

Download: Global Public Investor 2022

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