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Part 1: Stimulus transmission and the banking sector

Jan Bellens, EY’s Global Banking and Capital Markets Leader, joins John Orchard, OMFIF’s CEO, to discuss how commercial banks are coping with Covid-19. They focus on the crisis-related operational and commercial challenges, how the opposing needs of speed and prudence reconciled, how banks are preparing for impairments to their loan books, digital transformations and restoring reputational damage of 10 years ago.

Read the transcript here.

Part 2: Stimulus transmission and its financial consequences

David Barker, EY’s EMEIA Financial Services Transactions Leader, joins John Orchard, OMFIF’s CEO, to discuss the shock-and-awe measures deployed by governments to rescue their economies and the short and medium-term implications for their finance ministries. They focus on the paths out of the emergency schemes, how governments are planning to restart their economies and what this will mean for their finances, how the crisis is fundamentally reordering priorities in both developed and emerging economies.

Read the transcript here.

Part 3: Worldwide insurance heading for shake-up

Simon Woods, EY’s Global Insurance Industry Leader, joins David Marsh, OMFIF’s Chairman, to discuss the pandemic’s effect on the global insurance industry, including the immediate and longer-term consequences for operations and technology, looking at the challenges and opportunities brought by digitalisation. They examine the financial health of the insurance sector as a result of the volatility in financial markets and the recession, and what can be said of the significant strain on capital, liquidity, and investment strategies. They address big questions on how the insurance industry can work with customers, governments and regulators in contributing to the wider economic recovery and investigate the outlook for innovation, and worldwide insurance consolidation.

Read the transcript here.

Part 4: Strategic cost transformation in wealth and asset management

Mike Lee, EY’s Global Wealth and Asset Management Leader, joins Marcin Stepan, OMFIF’s Head of Programming, to discuss the pandemic’s effect on asset management. They focus on the financial fallout from the crisis as companies face shrinking revenues and operating margins. They examine the challenges and opportunities in strategically approaching cost reduction and control, while ensuring scalability and elasticity to meet future growth needs.

Read the transcript here.

Part 5: Designing a sustainable recovery

Tom Groom, EY’s Banking and Capital Markets Partner, joins Danae Kyriakopoulou, OMFIF’s Chief Economist, to discuss sustainability and the economic recovery from Covid-19. They examine how Covid-19 has affected sustainability measures and whether it presents opportunities for transitioning to a greener economy during the recovery, including tying ESG goals to government support. They also focus on data related problems and how risk-weighted assets can be used to move to a greener lending.

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