The OMFIF Rules are a high-level code of conduct to guide participants in some OMFIF meetings.

All participants in OMFIF meetings held under these rules are expected to observe OMFIF’s commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards. By attending an OMFIF roundtable or seminar (whether as a speaker, moderator or other participant), you are deemed to agree to observe the following rules during and after the meeting:

1. OMFIF meetings are ‘off the record’, unless you are notified to the contrary. This means that unless OMFIF has notified you that an OMFIF meeting is on the record or a speaker has specifically stated that his or her comments are free for outside distribution:

You must not disclose the contents of an OMFIF meeting to any party outside your organisation; and
You must not say or do anything that could enable views expressed during an OMFIF meeting to be attributed to an individual or organisation.
2. You must observe applicable market conduct rules and must not disclose any material non-public information (or ‘inside information’) that could impact the price of shares or other investments.

3. You must not disclose any information on any matter that could cause you to breach a duty of confidentiality (for example, to your employer or to the organisation or institution you represent).

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