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26 March 2024


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OMFIF’s Economic and Monetary Policy Institute and Sustainable Policy Institute will convene senior representatives from central bank reserve managers, public pension funds, sovereign funds, economic experts, asset owners and asset managers to discuss key macroeconomic developments for 2024, the implications for public sector investment, and developments in transition finance. The seminar will bring together 80 key individuals for an off-record discussion.

Key themes

Macroeconomic developments and public sector investment trends
Operating models: data transparency, AI and talent enhancement
Asset allocation and diversification in a changing market environment
Investing in emerging markets
Transition finance and the role of asset owners



Roman Baumann

Director, Head of Asset Management
Swiss National Bank

Jitendra Bissessur

Chief Executive Officer
Mauritius Investment Corporation

Michiel De Smet

Sustainable Investment Expert
National Bank of Belgium
Deborah Gilshan

Deborah Gilshan

Head, ESG and Stewardship, Europe
Gil Tertre

Miguel Gil Tertre

Chief Economist, Directorate General for Energy
European Commission

Torbjörn Hamnmark

Head, Strategic Asset Allocation

Richard Hunter

Chief Credit Officer
Fitch Ratings
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Ali Iqbal

Director and Head, Reserve Management and Financial Markets
Bank Negara Malaysia

James John

Director, Offices in Europe and Senior Resident Representative to the EU
International Monetary Fund

David Marsh


Andrea Montanino

Chief Economist and Director, Sectoral Strategies and Impact
Cassa depositi e prestiti
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Rahmatullah Sjamsuddin

Head, Reserve Management
Bank of Indonesia
Omar Syed

Omar Syed

Chief Investment Officer, Direct Investments
ohn Bosco Sebabi

Joaquin Tapia

Head, International Operations
Banco de México
Cindy van Oorschot

Cindy Van Oorschot

Director, Pension Supervision and Sustainability
De Nederlandsche Bank

Boris Vujčić

Croatian National Bank
Adam Wang

Adam Wang-Levine

Deputy Assistant, Secretary for Climate, Environment, and Infrastructure
US Treasury
ohn Bosco Sebabi (2)

Jon Webster

Chief Operating Officer
CPP Investments
Fredrik Willumsen

Fredrik Willumsen

Global Head, Strategy Research
Norges Bank Investment Management


David Marsh, Chairman, OMFIF

  • Are equilibrium interest rates structurally higher?
  • Implications of technological change for productivity growth?
  • The risks to growth: demographics, geopolitics and climate change

John James, Offices in Europe and Senior Resident Representative to the EU, IMF
Andrea Montanino, Chief economist, Director for Sectoral Strategies and Impact, Cassa depositi e prestiti (CDP)

Jon Webster,  Chief Operating Officer, CPP Investments
Joaquín Tapia Macías, Director of International Operations, Banco de México

  • Are higher yields making fixed income attractive?
  • Gold as a safe haven
  • Merits of diversifying to equities and other asset classes

Roman Baumann, Head of Asset Management, Swiss National Bank
Omar Syed, Chief Investment Officer, Direct Investments, Mumtalakat
Ali Iqbal, Director, Head of Reserve Management and Financial Markets, Bank Negara Malaysia

  • Prospects for de-dollarisation and investment in alternative currencies
  • Do the Brics represent a new economic and investment bloc?
  • Will emerging markets offer good risk-adjusted returns?

Rahmatullah Sjamsuddin, Head of the Reserve Management Department, Bank Indonesia

  • How and why to invest in private markets
  • Opportunities and risks from real estate and infrastructure
  • Sustainable finance and green infrastructure

Fredrik Willumsen, Global Head of Allocation Research, Norges Bank Investment Management
Richard Hunter, Chief Credit Officer, Fitch Ratings

  • Fiduciary duty vs meeting climate objectives
  • Diversification and catalysing return: demystifying green investment
  • Stewardship and maximising long-term value with investors
  • Integrating risk models

Deborah Gilshan, Head of ESG and Stewardship, Europe, AustralianSuper
Mads Gosvig, Chief Officer, Fiduciary and Investment Management, Railpen
Torbjörn Hamnmark, Head of Strategic Asset Allocation, AP3

  • Decarbonisation in the current geopolitical landscape
  • Scaling up renewable energy investment and infrastructure development
  • Measures and policies to support energy supply, efficiency and costs

Miguel Gil Tertre, Chief Economist - Directorate General for Energy, European Commission

  • Transition bonds and its role in GSS bonds
  • Taxonomy developments and criteria for sustainable products
  • Investing in green bonds and ESG assets: driving financial return and sustainable impact
  • Public and private partnerships and collaboration efforts

Michiel De Smet, Sustainable Investment Expert, National Bank of Belgium
Cindy van Oorschot, Co-Chair of the NGFS Blended Finance Initiative and Director Pension Supervision & Sustainability, De Nederlandsche Bank
Adam Wang-Levine, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Climate, Environment and Infrastructure, US Treasury

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