Gender Balance Index 2022

The path for women to reach the top of leading financial institutions is slowly opening up, but the industry still falls far short of where it needs to be.

OMFIF’s Gender Balance Index 2022 reveals gradual but not fundamental progress in the representation of women in the upper echelons of global finance.

The GBI, now in its ninth year, tracks the number of senior positions held by women at central banks, public pension funds, sovereign funds and commercial banks. It assigns scores to individual institutions based on the number of women in senior management or board positions, with greater value given to the top roles such as governor or chief executive. A score of 100 means an organisation has achieved gender balance.

This year’s GBI extends its analysis of the executive level to just below CEO or governor – deputy governors in the case of central banks and the C-suite for other institutions. In total, OMFIF’s research team built a database of 5,951 individuals holding positions in either senior executive management or at board level.

The GBI aims to encourage the institutions it analyses to do better in promoting women. The presence of senior female leaders brings kudos to those individuals and institutions, but also serves as an inspiration to others, both internally and at peer organisations. As always, by confronting people with the numbers, we hope to mobilise decision-makers towards improving results and measuring progress.

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