Capital market digitalisation efforts speeding up

Technological overhauls will have impacts on disintermediation, automation, risk, new products and local currency capital markets

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Key findings

Frequent borrowers set to lead digital transformation

Exclusive survey of public-sector issuers reveals widespread plans to test and promote primary market tech projects


1. Fixed income: primary market

Primary bond markets are ripe for renewal

Antiquated issuance process will soon be usurped by new technology. Banks, fintechs and issuers are driving the change

Diverse Air Traffic Control Team Working in a Modern Airport Tower at Night. Office Room is Full of Desktop Computer Displays with Navigation Screens, Airplane Flight Radar Data for Controllers.

2. Secondary market trading infrastructure

DLT has the potential to inject long-overdue efficiencies and enhanced liquidity into fixed income market infrastructure


3. The internationalisation of capital markets participation

Digital finance offers hope of internationalising emerging markets

Emerging markets and developing countries to participate more in both local currency and international capital markets


4. Securities lending and liquidity management

New tech can address multiple pain points in securities lending and collateral management


5. Structuring sustainable assets on blockchain

Blockchain technology could provide the platform for reliable, accessible and updated data on sustainability-linked deals

OMFIF DMI Future of Capital Markets 2022


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