Future of the euro area: the new landscape after Covid-19

Future of the euro area: the new landscape after Covid-19

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  Thu 14 Oct 2021 09:20 - 13:00

The Covid-19 pandemic constituted a major challenge for European economies and has prompted new questions on the future of the euro area. This high-level seminar will assess the macroeconomic landscape following Covid-19, including monetary policies and fiscal responses undertaken by the European Central Bank, European Commission and nation states. There will also be a discussion on how central banks are implementing strategies and using toolkits to stimulate growth and recovery, engaging with citizens and tackling upcoming risks from climate change and digital disruption.


Robert Ophèle sq
Friederike Köhler-Geib sq
Laurent Maurin sq
Lucio PENCH sq
Robert Ophèle
Autorité des marchés Financiers
Friederike Köhler-Geib
Chief Economist
KfW Development Bank
Laurent Maurin
Senior Advisor, Economics Department
European Investment Bank
Lucio Pench
Director, Macroeconomic policies, DG ECFIN
European Commission
Morgan Després
Carlos Thomas sq
Morgan Després
Director of Strategy
Banque de Frances
Carlos Thomas
Head of Macro-financial Analysis and Monetary Policy Department
Banco de España
Didier Borowski
Head of Global Views
Natacha Valla
Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation, Paris
Riccardo Barbieri Hermitte
Giuseppe Ferrero sq
Riccardo Barbieri
Chief Economist – Director of Economic and Financial Research, Department of the Treasury
Ministry of the Economy and Finance, Italy
Giuseppe Ferrero
Deputy Head, Monetary Analysis Division
Banca d’Italia

09:20-13:00 (London)
10:20-14:00 (Frankfurt)
04:20-09:00 (New York)
16:20 -20:00 (Singapore)

10:20 – 10:30 Opening remarks
10:30 – 11:05 Keynote address: Economic position of Europe, integration and reforms
11:05 – 12:20 Session I: Macroeconomic landscape of Europe
12:20 – 12:35 Break
12:35 – 13:50 Session II: Central banking practices and toolkits
13:50 – 14:00 Closing remarks

Timings in CEST

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