Australia’s experience of Covid-19 and the Australian economic outlook

Australia’s experience of Covid-19 and the Australian economic outlook

Roundtable   London   
  Wed 22 Sep 2021 09:15 - 10:30

Alongside the public health repercussions, Covid-19 has also impacted the global economy, creating new fiscal and growth challenges for national governments. Luke Yeaman, deputy secretary of the macroeconomic group at the Australian Treasury, discusses Australia’s economic policy response to the pandemic, how the economy has fared and the outlook moving forward. Yeaman also discusses Australia’s international economic engagement, including insights from September’s G20 finance and central bank deputies meeting in Naples.

Speaker: Luke Yeaman, Deputy Secretary of the Macroeconomic Group, Australian Treasury

09:15-10:30 (London)

This meeting will be conducted under the OMFIF Rules.

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This meeting will take place in-person.

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