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  • Pensions for the People's Republic - OMFIF meets Xie Xuren - 23 Jul 2014

    National Social Security Fund, the biggest institutional investor in China's pension sector, is building reserves to plan for an ageing population.

  • GPI launch in Hong Kong - Asian investors in the lead - 17 Jul 2014

    Asia-Pacific investors are in the lead in worldwide rankings of official sector asset holders, according to OMFIF's Global Public Investor report.

  • UK ‘must play full role in Europe’ – Austrian governor - 14 Jul 2014

    The UK needs to play a full role in Europe for the good of the continent, according to Ewald Nowotny, Governor of the Austrian National Bank.

China's National Social Security Fund

Xie Xuren, former Finance Minister of China and head of the National Social Security Fund, met with David Marsh in Beijing. Under discussion were developments in the global economy affecting pension funds, best practices in pension fund management, and NSSF's opportunities for performance benchmarking against other global public investors.

Hong Kong GPI Launch

In its comprehensive survey of $29.1tn of investments held by 400 public sector institutions, OMFIF tracks the efforts of central banks to diversify their holdings. Speakers at the launch at the British Consulate in Hong Kong included Consul General Caroline Wilson, Christian Gaertner of DZ Bank and David Marsh.

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  • UK 'must play full role in Europe' - Austrian governor

    Speaking at the annual OMFIF Advisory Board gathering in the City of London, Nowotny paid tribute to London’s role as an economic hub, but warned of uncertainties caused by a possible referendum on Britain’s departure from the EU.

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    • Japanese QE to continue as inflation rise slows

      by David marsh and Pooma Kimis in Tokyo | Mon 28 Jul 2014

      With growth improving but inflation still below 2%, Japan’s central bank is likely to maintain its ¥7tn-a-month quantitative easing programme beyond April 2015. Japan’s GPIF government pension fund is looking to hold more domestic and foreign equities – adding to Japan’s hoped-for economic recovery.

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    • 100 years ago today: the 1914 financial crisis

      by Richard Roberts | Thu 24 Jul 2014

      On 24th July 1914, the world’s stock exchanges shut their doors. A century on, Richard Roberts recounts the events from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to the suspension of the gold standard.

      MARKET: Europe

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    • Monetary financing by central banks is a bad proposal

      by Mojmír Hampl | Wed 23 Jul 2014

      Mojmír Hampl, vice governor of the Czech national bank, warns against the ‘highly addictive drug’ of monetary financing of governments. He is responding to Meghnad Desai and David Marsh's article Options for QE Exit, in which they argue that the Bank of England could reverse its accommodative policy by transferring UK government bonds back to the Treasury and then cancelling or converting them.

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    • Multiple questions over Brics bank

      by David Marsh in Beijing | Tue 22 Jul 2014

      A new development bank launched by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa could present a challenge to the ‘Bretton Woods twins’, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. But several weighty operational issues must be resolved first, which raise considerable questions over its effectiveness.

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    German Ifo business climate index

    by Gabriel Stein

    German business confidence signals weaker activity – or sanction fears.

    German Ifo business climate index

    Excess reserves with the ECB

    by Gabriel Stein

    ECB negative rates all but eliminates banks’ excess reserves

    Excess reserves with the ECB

    German industrial production

    by Gabriel Stein

    German outlook weakens further

    German industrial production (1)

    Italian inflation

    by Gabriel Stein

    Italy slides towards deflation

    Italian inflation
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    Advisory Board Poll

    Panellists split on the renminbi exchange rate

    2 Apr 2014: Members of the Advisory Board were asked whether in 12 months the renminbi will strengthen, weaken or remain the same against the dollar, after the People's Bank of China deliberately pushed the renminbi lower.

    Panellists split on the renminbi exchange rate
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