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  • Controlled multilateralism after Paris attacks - 16 Nov 2015

    After the Paris onslaught, controlled multilateralism is back as the US, Russia and China move closer.

  • Marsh on Schmidt: FT publishes obituary - 11 Nov 2015

    David Marsh and FT colleagues write obituary for Helmut Schmidt, former German chancellor.

  • The OMFIF Bulletin: US-Saudi Balance - 4 Nov 2015

    The OMFIF Bulletin: Saudi Arabia struggles with low oil prices amid conflict and instability across the Middle East.

Controlled multilateralism

One of the principal consequences of the massacre in Paris, on display at the G20 meeting this weekend, will be rapprochement between the US, Russia, China and Europe on security and financial issues.

Marsh on Schmidt: FT publishes obituary

Helmut Schmidt played an exceptional role in shaping European finance in the 1970s and 1980s. His plan for the European Monetary System was the forerunner of monetary union. OMFIF Commentary



  • Read the FT's obituary here.
  • The OMFIF Bulletin November Edition

    The November edition of the Bulletin examines the geopolitical and financial balance between the US and Saudi Arabia in the light of the declining oil price, foreign reserve sell-offs and changing monetary policies.


  • Click here for more information about The Bulletin
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    • Wider impact of 13 November

      by John Nugée | Wed 25 Nov 2015

      The murderous attacks in Paris on 13 November and the aftermath of fear and insecurity across Europe have a variety of repercussions. Among these, it may prove to be the final nail in the coffin for the Schengen agreement on a border-free Europe. Beyond that, the domestic weaknesses of France and its failure to integrate its large Muslim population have created a ready recruiting ground for militant jihad. For the hate-filled chief strategist of IS, turning the European family inwards would be a natural way to try to destabilise western societies.

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    • The secrets of statesmanship

      by David Marsh in Hamburg | Tue 24 Nov 2015

      At a time of European crisis and existential Angst, the yearning for strong, wise and compassionate leadership has grown. A leader has died who seems to fit the bill rather well: Helmut Schmidt, West German chancellor for eight years between 1974 and 1982, before that, defence and finance minister. For four times as long since then, he has been the nation’s conscience-in-chief. At a funeral service in Hamburg, titans of German and international politics paid their respects.

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    • Argentina votes for historic change

      by David Smith | Mon 23 Nov 2015

      Mauricio Macri has become the first Argentine president from outside of the two parties that have dominated political life for more than a century. Macri and his team have to hope that the Peronist Party machine does not seek to undermine the new government, which will have to implement tough economic reforms. An historic election, maybe, but a challenge to govern from day one when he takes office on 10 December.

      MARKET: Latin America

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    • Germany depends on weak euro

      by Marcello Minenna in Milan and Edoardo Reviglio in Rome | Thu 19 Nov 2015

      The rise in the renminbi against the euro – up 76% over the past seven years – has greatly helped German companies’ Asian competitiveness, a significant reason for Germany’s hitherto booming China-bound exports. German exporters, under pressure as a result of a slowdown in several key trading partners, must be hoping the renminbi’s expected incorporation into the IMF’s special drawing right leads to a firmer Chinese currency.

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    Chinese stock market fall sends worldwide ripples

    by William Baunton

    Bear market now gripping Hong Kong stock market too

    Chinese stock market fall sends worldwide ripples

    History repeating itself

    by William Baunton

    Bear market grips Chinese stocks with echoes of 2007

    History repeating itself

    The mystery behind poor first quarter growth in the US

    by William Baunton

    Since 2010 the US has achieved steady growth of around 2% per annum despite poor, and arguably inconsistent, first quarter figures

    The mystery behind poor first quarter growth in the US

    Greece's difficult road ahead

    by William Baunton

    If Greece were to fail to make payments to the IMF, it would become the first advanced economy in history to default on an IMF loan

    Greece's forthcoming debt repayments
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    Advisory Board Poll

    OMFIF Advisory Board expect Chinese currency to join SDR

    The composition of the Special Drawing Right, the IMF's reserve asset, is under review. Over half the Advisory Board expect the renminbi to be included. Many remained sceptical, with 42% expecting the renminbi to be passed over this year but included in 2020, and 4% expecting it not to meet the criteria for inclusion.

    Advisory Board expect renminbi to join SDR
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