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  • Fed should hike rates early says St Louis’ Bullard - 26 Mar 2015

    James Bullard, St Louis Federal Reserve Bank president, urged an early US rate rise to damp financial risks at an OMFIF meeting in Frankfurt.

  • Fed’s Evans sees no reason to rush rate rise - 25 Mar 2015

    Charles Evans, Chicago Federal Reserve Bank president, affirmed his opposition to any speedy US interest rate rise at an OMFIF meeting.

  • Ukrainian minister calls for support - 24 Mar 2015

    Natalie Jaresko, Ukraine's finance minister, urged western support and outlined reform plans for Ukraine's hard-hit economy at an OMFIF meeting.

Fed should hike rates early says St Louis’ Bullard

St Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard said the US needed higher interest rates to head off dangerous asset bubbles. The strong dollar was much less of a risk to US expansion than generally thought, whereas US unemployment was falling much more rapidly than earlier predicted, he told an OMFIF audience in Frankfurt.

Fed’s Evans sees no reason to rush rate rise

Speaking at Armourers' Hall in London, Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans recommended waiting to see how events unfold in coming months, with core inflation and wage growth weak, before considering an interest rate rise.


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  • Ukrainian minister calls for support

    Speaking at the London Capital Club, Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko discussed Ukraine's hard-hit economy and outlined reforms for better governance and a more efficient energy industry and tax system. Progress has been made, but support is needed from Europe to help rebuild infrastructure and restart growth.

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    • Why Argentina may rebound

      by David Smith in Buenos Aires | Fri 27 Mar 2015

      The legal saga over Argentina’s debt repayments has become a political football ahead of presidential elections in October. Some other emerging markets see lessons in Argentina’s experience and have started rewiring their bond offerings accordingly. Many will be watching to see if Argentina can rebound once more.

      MARKET: Latin America

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    • Elections key to Nigeria’s future

      by Kingsley Moghalu | Thu 26 Mar 2015

      Whoever wins Nigeria's deferred presidential election this weekend has a long list of tasks ahead. He must bring discipline, focus and strategy to the country’s economic management and curb the leakage of fiscal revenues in the oil sector. The trials of the past year could provide the necessary impetus for success.

      MARKET: Africa

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    • Gap between aspiration and reality over UK place in Europe

      by John Stevens | Wed 25 Mar 2015

      The European Court of Justice ruling on clearing houses means the City can continue to perform euro-denominated transactions. But elation may be short-lived. The European Central Bank must eventually assume full oversight of euro system activity. This will give pause to UK Conservatives hoping to renegotiate engagement with the EU.

      MARKET: Europe

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    • Singapore can be capital city of the Asian century

      by Kishore Mahbubani | Tue 24 Mar 2015

      Opportunities await the sturdy city-state of Singapore after the death of Lee Kuan Yew, its first prime minister. Just as London and New York were the capital cities of the European and American centuries, Singapore can serve as the capital of the Asian century.

      MARKET: Asia-Pacific

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    The UK's net international investment position

    by William Baunton

    The Bank of England's estimates paint a different picture

    The UK's net international investment position

    In defence of the Swiss National Bank

    by David Marsh and William Baunton

    The Swiss National Bank’s peg of SFr1.20 to the euro shuddered to an abrupt halt last month, causing financial market waves. In fact, the bank’s decision was correct, if not overdue.

    In defence of the Swiss National Bank

    Net foreign assets and liabilities 1970-2013

    by William Baunton

    Winners and losers in debtor-creditor stakes

    Net foreign assets and liabilities 1970-2013

    Accessing the Chinese domestic growth story

    by William Baunton

    Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect to open 17 November

    Accessing the Chinese domestic growth story
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    Advisory Board Poll

    Bright spots amid the setbacks for Africa

    OMFIF surveyed the Advisory Board's views on Africa's economic prospects over the next two-three years. 36% held positive views while 11% were negative and 53% neutral. Among countries, South Africa fared well with only 3% of respondents holding negative views, compared to 55% for Nigeria.

    Africa's four largest economies
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