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  • OMFIF appoints Fabrizio Saccomanni senior adviser - 17 Oct 2014

    OMFIF has appointed former Italian Minister of Economy and Finance Fabrizio Saccomanni senior adviser.

  • Renminbi-isation advances - 14 Oct 2014

    The renminbi is edging towards becoming a global reserve currency, and will play an increasing role in settling international trade.

  • OMFIF appoints Bronwyn Curtis Chief Economic Adviser - 6 Oct 2014

    Bronwyn Curtis,who previously served as head of global research at HSBC, is becoming Chief Economic Adviser.

OMFIF appoints Fabrizio Saccomanni senior adviser

Dr Saccomanni will contribute to OMFIF’s efforts to enhance monetary and financial cooperation in Europe and the global economic system. He has long experience in European banking and economic policy, having served as senior deputy governor of the Bank of Italy, alternate member of the governing council of the ECB and vice-president for risk management at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Renminbi roadshow

International Monetary Institute (IMI) of Renmin University in Beijing and the Bank of Communications joined forces with OMFIF to present Europe’s first fully-fledged academic and financial seminar on the Chinese currency. The seminar coincided with the issuance of renminbi bonds by the UK Treasury. Pictured are Tu Yonghong, Adam Cotter, Ben Shenglin, Zhao Xijun and David Marsh.

  • Click here for notes from the seminar.
  • OMFIF appoints Bronwyn Curtis to chief economic adviser

    Australia-born Curtis, a senior global financial economist, will contribute to efforts to develop further OMFIF’s international reach.

    David Marsh, managing director, said, ‘Bronwyn brings valuable experience to OMFIF, particularly with her knowledge of Asia, which is playing an ever-growing part in our activities.’ 

  • Click here to read the press release
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    • Brazil - now the hard part

      by David Smith | Thu 30 Oct 2014

      Dilma Rousseff was narrowly re-elected as Brazil’s president with 51% of the vote. With nearly half the country keen for change in the shape of pro-business leadership, growth and smaller government, her presidency must include dialogue and compromise with Aécio Neves' powerful opposition.

      MARKET: Latin America

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    • Confrontation over French budget

      by David Marsh | Mon 27 Oct 2014

      Strains among EU member states increase as the French government, defending its failure to rein in budget deficits, tries to sidestep censure from the European Commission. Meanwhile the UK has received a bill for better-than-expected economic performance.

      MARKET: Europe

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    • A tale of two Latin Americas

      by David Smith | Wed 22 Oct 2014

      In the final days of the election battle in Brazil, Aécio Neves and incumbent Dilma Rousseff remain close in the polls. Their conflicting agendas will set the tone for Latin America.

      MARKET: Latin America

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    • Political consequences of the oil price fall

      by Nick Butler | Tue 21 Oct 2014

      Oil-exporting countries have come to rely on revenues lifted ever higher by the rising oil price. Its fall since the summer is having political consequences from Scotland to South America, where it may trigger radical change.

      MARKET: World

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    Performance of public pension funds 2004-13

    by William Baunton

    Comparing the performance of GPIF with three public pension fund peers from around the world.

    Performance of public pension funds 2004-13

    Global public investors continuing to increase real estate holdings

    by William Baunton

    Market value of real estate investments of Första AP-fonden (AP1), Future Fund (FF) and Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) from 2008-13.

    Global public investors continuing to increase real estate holdings

    Allocation of and return on assets of Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP

    by William Baunton

    Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP is the largest global public investor in the Netherlands and the 3rd largest pension fund in the world.

    Allocation of and return on assets of Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP

    Deflation in Japan

    by William Baunton

    The relationship between deflation and demographic changes in Japan.

    Deflation in Japan
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    Advisory Board Poll

    Modest tightening on the way

    6 Oct 2014: Nearly two-thirds of OMFIF advisers expect the Fed to raise interest rates above 0.5% this time next year, according to our latest poll.

    OMFIF’s Advisory Board predicts the path of federal funds rates
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