Trump: The First One Hundred Days


President Donald Trump’s contradictions are as widespread as his accomplishments, so far, have been few. But it is too early to write off this mogul-turned-politician who has captured the world’s imagination.

Veteran academic and analyst Meghnad Desai and his fellow writers dissect the Trump phenomenon across a broad range of economic and social policies. They consider, too, the array of foreign policy questions to which he is, somewhat reluctantly, having to pay attention.

Trump’s greatest obstacle is his own Republican party, many of whom oppose his aims and methods. Yet when many voters feel betrayed by the political class, Trump’s characteristic as the first president for 60 years with no experience of elective office may be a benefit. After years of sub-standard growth, electorates dislike and distrust insiders. Trump’s economic policies, conventionally termed unconventional, may be a trump card.

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