Workshop “Modelling the Macroeconomy in Risky Times”

Workshop “Modelling the Macroeconomy in Risky Times”

Seminar   St Louis   
  Mon 8 Jul 2019 12:00

Macroeconomics develops models to study interactions between agents in general equilibrium. It is therefore well suited to understanding scenarios and risks, as well as the impact policies or economic shocks can have on the economy and individual households. This workshop brings together leading policy-based researchers to outline various ways of capturing risk in macroeconomics.

The workshop will allow both for the presentation and discussion of results and approaches. It is suitable for economists from industry and the financial sector, as well as central banks and academics. It is being organised jointly by the National Institute Of Economic and Social Research, the OMFIF Foundation, the Centre For Macroeconomics, the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, and the Olin School of Business.

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