OMFIF Digital Monetary Institute Journal: Race for the future

The coming year will see the rapid development of both central bank digital currencies and fiat-backed private money around the globe. Cryptocurrencies will have only marginal presence as payment instruments but disproportionate publicity as speculative assets.

The cover story of the DMI annual takes a close look at the central banks that are leading the race for the future of digital currencies, and why. It also profiles the central banks that need to get their act together if they do not wish to be left behind.

Our review of 2020 highlights some of the key trends of the past 12 months, during which a lot of experimentation began to bear fruit. Contributions from some of the biggest names in CBDCs look ahead to the biggest themes of 2021.

The DMI will remain at the heart of these game-changing discussions, through our coverage and our events – most notably our first DMI Symposium, in April, which will set the agenda for a digital future for this year and far beyond.

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