Closer connections: The future of Anglo-Spanish relations

As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, life will be different for British and Spanish citizens and companies. New challenges will emerge, not least for closely entwined supply chain industries. But so will new opportunities. Certain themes stand out as candidates for bilateral action this year between both governments: the business relationship; the common values agenda, evidenced by the commitment to human rights and gender equality; and climate change, where Spain showed the world the depth of its commitment to meet the Paris climate change objectives by hosting the 25th United Nations climate change conference in Madrid at just one month’s notice. As the UK ramps up preparations for the 26th UN climate change conference in Glasgow at the end of 2020, drawing on Spain’s powerful voice to advance the common cause will be top priorities over the coming year.

This report illustrates the enormous scope that exists for the UK and Spain to work together, learn from each other and forge new people-to-people, company-to-company and government to-government links that will form the basis of a future bilateral relationship and prosperity.

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