Public sector sustainability-linked and social bonds forum

Live: Thursday 27 April 2023

While green and sustainable bonds are a staple of public sector borrowers’ funding programmes, social and sustainability-linked bonds are still in their infancy in comparison. However, interest in social bonds and SLBs by sovereign, supranational and agency borrowers is fast rising as issuers look to tailor their environmental, social and governance frameworks to their own and investors’ needs.

This virtual event, hosted by OMFIF’s Sovereign Debt Institute, brings together leading SSA ESG issuers with high-profile ESG-focused investors to discuss these products and how they can be developed. The event is to be broadcast globally to the OMFIF network, which includes policy-makers, issuers, investors and central bankers. All sessions are recorded and made available on demand shortly after the event has finished.

09:00-12:00 (London)
04:00 – 07:00 ((New York)
16:00- 19:00 (Singapore)

This virtual discussion is part of the OMFIF Sovereign Debt Institute. The SDI brings together DMOs, supranational agencies, public investors and capital market banks to promote high-level strategic dialogue and co-operation to help sovereign borrowers meet the challenges they face. Please contact directly for membership details.

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