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German coalition woes hold back financial market progress

‘The green deal will fail unless it is backed by a proper capital market union’

David Marsh, 2 June 2023

About The OMFIF Institute of Economic and Monetary Policy


This institute gets to the heart of OMFIF – acting as an independent and trusted conduit for the public and private sector to discuss monetary policy, economic and fiscal developments and regulatory standards. Our meetings offer a neutral platform for best practice in worldwide public-private sector exchanges.

Often held in the premises of the central banks themselves, OMFIF seminars offer the opportunity for an objective moderator to get to the heart of the issues our network care about and to get to know the personalities behind the policies. Our analysis is drawn from in-house expertise and external policy-makers and members.

As a member of the OMFIF Institute, Economic and Monetary Policy, you will have the opportunity to discuss and showcase key economic trends, gather information on thoughts on inflation expectations, monetary policy decisions and movements in the political economy, within an environment trusted to keep to market neutrality rules.

Membership of The OMFIF Institute of Economic and Monetary Policy

Membership of the institute includes the following benefits:

Benefits and opportunities include

Membership deliverables vary and can align with members’ objectives and priorities. Benefits and opportunities include:

  • Attending EMP meetings, including exclusive roundtable discussions, seminars, lectures, launches and panel discussions
  • Attending private EMP briefing sessions to hear and discuss the latest economic-focused intelligence behind the headlines
  • Accessing OMFIF analysis, including daily commentaries, in-depth thinking and thematic research papers
  • Contributing to EMP research and collaborate on joint research papers
  • Speaking at EMP meetings or co-host a joint meeting

For membership enquiries, please contact:

Jamie Bulgin, Relationship Director, EMP: partnerships@omfif.org

Please contact partnerships@omfif.org for all membership enquiries.

Please contact James Fitzgerald for all media enquiries:


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