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Typically, our Policy meetings take the form of a half-day meeting addressing major economic, supervisory and monetary issues.

Hosted by governors and other senior officials, the aim of the meetings is to allow informal exchanges and a better appreciation of each other’s points of view to take place between policy-makers, economists and fund managers from the public and private sector. All proceedings are held off the record.

Forthcoming Meetings

Policy | Sat 3 - Sun 4 Jun 2017

2017.06.03 China and the world

Organised jointly by OMFIF and the People’s Bank of China School of Finance (PBCSF) at Tsinghua University. The forum focuses on the new thinking, trends, practices on China’s financial issues, the global financial system and financial innovation.

Policy | Fri 23 Jun 2017

2017 06.23 OMFIF and CCLS central banking post-Brexit

A joint meeting convened by OMFIF and the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary University London on the post-Brexit role of central banks, examining both the legal and policy perspectives.

Policy | Tue 10 Oct 2017

OMFIF and the Ethical Capitalism Group convene a meeting focused on how investors can foster innovation and productivity by their actions as investors. Edmund Phelps and Council of Institutional Investors CEO Ken Bertsch lead the discussions, which take place within the United Nations. 

Policy | Wed 22 Nov 2017

2017.11.08 - OMFIF-JCER Policy Meeting

A joint policy meeting by OMFIF and the Japan Center for Economic Research. The meeting will discuss the progress of Abenomics, the outlook for global trade, Japan’s structural reforms, and regional geo-political dynamics.  

Past Meetings

2017 reveal more news

Policy | Germany Wed 29 - Wed 29 Mar 2017

2016 reveal more news

2015 reveal more news

Policy | Greece Tue 23 Jun 2015

Policy | Portugal Thu 26 Feb 2015

Policy | Germany Wed 28 Jan 2015

2014 reveal more news

Policy | Hungary Mon 1 Dec 2014

Policy | Italy Mon 19 May 2014

Policy | Finland Thu 6 Feb 2014

Policy | Germany Wed 15 Jan 2014

2013 reveal more news

Policy | Spain Mon 21 Oct 2013

Policy | Czech Republic Tue 1 Oct 2013

Policy | Denmark Mon 24 Jun 2013

Policy | United Kingdom Fri 26 Apr 2013

Policy | Belgium Thu 25 Apr 2013

How to solve the euro challenges

National Bank of Belgium, Brussels

Policy | Poland Wed 27 Mar 2013

Policy | Sweden Tue 12 Mar 2013

Policy | Ireland Thu 14 Feb 2013

Policy | Germany Wed 30 Jan 2013

2012 reveal more news

Policy | Portugal Fri 30 Nov 2012

Policy | France Mon 19 Nov 2012

Policy | Germany Fri 19 Oct 2012

Policy | The Netherlands Mon 9 Jul 2012

EMU: 15 years after the treaty of Amsterdam

De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam

Policy | Germany Sun 1 Jul 2012

Developments in the euro area

European Central Bank, Frankfurt

Policy | United Kingdom Wed 30 May 2012

Policy | Italy Mon 27 Feb 2012

2011 reveal more news

Policy | Germany Wed 30 Nov 2011