European agency and sub-sovereign forum

SeminarEuropeBrussels Sovereign Debt Institute
Wed 22 May 202414:00 - 18:00

OMFIF’s Sovereign Debt Institute is returning with its bi-annual event focused exclusively on Europe’s regional and agency market to discuss the most pressing issuance concerns for this set of prestigious borrowers.

In 2024, gross issuance of non-sovereign public sector borrowers in Europe are expected to be even higher than last year, including more supply from French and German agencies. We will discuss how these issuers are navigating bigger funding programmes at a time when the monetary policy environment in Europe is changing. Some of the topics will include exploring issues of potential digestion of supply, improving the price discovery process and liquidity, diversification of products and more.

Our SSA events have become a key staple in the SDI’s calendar, with these issuers appreciating and valuing the opportunity to share ideas and network with each other alongside high-profile investors, investment banks and other key market participants.

As with all our events, the entire day will be off-the-record with no media in attendance to stimulate authentic discussions at the core of the market.


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