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Global public investors summit

26-27 March 2024


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Over the course of two days, OMFIF’s Economic and Monetary Policy Institute and Sustainable Policy Institute will convene central bank reserve managers, public pension funds, sovereign funds, asset managers, banks and policy-makers to explore investment strategies and the latest in sustainable finance. Day one will focus on the uncertain macroeconomic environment and the investment implications for reserve managers and global public funds in an off-the-record, high-level seminar.

Day two will see the return of the SPI’s annual summit, this year delving into transition finance and how to move the trillions of capital required to decarbonise. With a focus on the role of asset owners, the summit will explore opportunities and growth areas for the financial sector as we transition to a new age, as well as the challenges, risks, and frameworks required.

Key themes

Macroeconomic developments and public sector investment trends
Operating models: data transparency, AI and talent enhancement
Asset allocation and diversification in a changing market environment
Transition finance and the role of asset owners in fostering sustainable capital
Long-term risks and growth areas in a new era of sustainability


Fredrik Willumsen

Fredrik Willumsen

Global Head of Strategy Research
Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM)


Day one

Day two

  • Are equilibrium interest rates structurally higher?
  • Implications of technological change for productivity growth?
  • The risks to growth: demographics, geopolitics and climate change
  • Use of external managers
  • Improving internal data management systems and improving transparency
  • How public investors can utilise artificial intelligence
  • Are higher yields making fixed income attractive?
  • Gold as a safe haven
  • Merits of diversifying to equities and other asset classes
  • How and why to invest in private markets
  • Opportunities from real estate and infrastructure
  • Barriers and risks to alternative assets
  • Will emerging markets offer good risk-adjusted returns?
  • De-dollarisation and the shift to emerging market currencies
  • Do the Brics represent a new economic and investment bloc?

Breakout I

Overcoming barriers to integration

  • Transition plans and target setting – the next frontier
  • Disclosure frameworks and standards – convergence vs interoperability
  • Addressing data gaps and forward-looking metrics

Breakout II 

Scaling up nature positive financial markets


  • Frameworks and the role of the TNFD
  • Financial mechanisms and investing in natured based solutions
  • Debt for nature swaps
  • Transition bonds and its role in GSS bonds
  • The role of multilateral development banks and blended finance
  • Taxonomy and criteria for sustainable products
  • Public and private partnerships and collaboration efforts
  • ESG integration into portfolios and the role of negative screening
  • Active ownership and capital allocation
  • Diversification and catalysing return: demystifying green investment
  • Investing in green bonds and other ESG assets
  • Active ownership and negative screening
  • Opportunities from the green transition
  • Decarbonisation in the current geopolitical landscape
  • Scaling up renewable energy investment and infrastructure development
  • Measures and policies to support energy supply, efficiency and costs

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