Strategic global public investor hubs take shape

GLOBAL investments require global presence. Global public investors maintain at least 181 representative offices across 40 cities. These offices highlight the geographic reach of their quest to find new markets, industries and asset classes that generate superior returns. Major international financial centres like New York and London play host to many GPIs. Together, these two hubs house 58 representative and satellite offices of central banks, sovereign funds and public pension funds. Other cities, offering different kinds of strategic access that feed varying investment needs, have also benefited from GPIs’ overseas expansion. Unconventional asset allocations in real estate, infrastructure and private equity have become more mainstream among GPIs since the 2008 financial crisis. This explains partly the surge in more recent overseas expansion. While bolstering their portfolios with alternative assets and markets, GPIs have grown in size and sophistication, calling on new skills, resources and information. To invest successfully in new asset classes and geographies, GPIs require deep local knowledge, acquired through actual presence and links to pools of talent and expertise.

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