Fed live 5

Financial stability

Live: Friday 25 June 18:00 (London), 13:00 (Eastern), 10:00 (Pacific)

Following a year of unparalleled disruption, loosening of monetary and fiscal policy has become the new normal and many long-term economic and societal changes remain uncertain. As vaccination programmes pick up pace amid talk of policy normalisation, OMFIF and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia are hosting a series of seminars to discuss the Federal Reserve’s priorities. Over five days, Fed Week will cover topics from the economics of artificial intelligence, a green recovery, central bank digital currency, financial stability, macroeconomic developments and how all of this is feeding into the decisions the Fed is making.

All participants will have the chance to participate in the interactive Q&A session, by submitting your questions via the Q&A function.

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Eric Rosengren, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Eric Rosengren is president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Rosengren is also a member of the Federal Open Market Committee. He is the current chair of the board of trustees of Colby College.

Mark Sobel

Moderated by Mark Sobel, US chairman, OMFIF

Mark Sobel is US chairman of OMFIF. Sobel is a veteran US Treasury official, who was at the forefront of international financial diplomacy for two decades. Mark, who represented the US on the International Monetary Fund executive board up to April 2018, has had a 40-year Treasury career with extensive around-the-world engagement. He works with OMFIF in dealings with private and public sector organisations, speak regularly on international and US policy, and provide OMFIF members with insight and analysis. Sobel was deputy assistant secretary for international monetary and financial policy at the Treasury between 2000-15. He helped lead Treasury preparations for G7 and G20 finance minister and central bank governor meetings, formulated US positions at the IMF, and coordinated Treasury and regulatory agencies’ work in the Financial Stability Board.

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