Fed live 4

Rebuilding sustainably and equitably

Live: Thursday 24 June 14:30 (London), 09:30 (Eastern), 06:30 (Pacific)

Following a year of unparalleled disruption, loosening of monetary and fiscal policy has become the new normal and many long-term economic and societal changes remain uncertain. As vaccination programmes pick up pace amid talk of policy normalisation, OMFIF and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia are hosting a series of seminars to discuss the Federal Reserve’s priorities. Over five days, Fed Week will cover topics from the economics of artificial intelligence, a green recovery, central bank digital currency, financial stability, macroeconomic developments and how all of this is feeding into the decisions the Fed is making.

All participants will have the chance to participate in the interactive Q&A session, by submitting your questions via the Q&A function.

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Forthcoming meetings in the Fed Week series:

Day five 25 June: Financial stability

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In session five of the series, the discussion will cover:

• The current state of the US economy
• Keeping the wheels turning through the rest of the Covid-19 crisis
• The threat of mounting business debt and bankruptcies
• Banks and capitalisation
• Measures to strengthen the recovery once the health crisis passes
• Volatility in asset prices
• Funding risks and leverage in the financial sector


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Patrick Harker

Patrick Harker, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Before taking office at the Philadelphia Fed, Harker was the 26th president of the University of Delaware. He was also a professor of business administration at the university’s Alfred Lerner college of business and economics and a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the college of engineering. Before joining the University of Delaware in 2007, Harker was dean and Reliance professor of management and private enterprise at the Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to being appointed dean in 2000, Harker was the Wharton school’s interim dean and deputy dean as well as the chair of its operations and information management department.


Raphael Bostic, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Raphael Bostic is president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. He took up his present position in 2017. In addition, he serves on the Federal Open Market Committee. From 2001-9 he was professor at the University of Southern California. After that, from 2009-12, he served as assistant secretary in the office of policy development and research at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Moderated by Danae Kyriakopoulou, Chief Economist & Director, Research, OMFIF

Danae Kyriakopoulou is Chief Economist and Director of Research at OMFIF. She also chairs OMFIF’s Sustainable Policy Institute. Her team ensures that OMFIF’s economic research agenda continues to put the organisation at the forefront of understanding the economic and strategic issues facing global public policy and investment institutions such as central banks, sovereign funds and public pension funds. These range from monetary policy and financial regulation to reserves management, investment policy and governance, including issues around climate risk supervision by central banks, ESG integration in portfolio management and the scaling up of green and sustainable finance.

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