The Global Finance Forum In-person registration

The Global Finance Forum In-person registration

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  Wed 5 Jul 2023 All Day

2023 represents a significant opportunity for a post-Covid-19 Hong Kong to reconfirm its credentials as a crucial financial centre among the international financial community.

The OMFIF Global Finance Forum will bring together members of its network from across Asia Pacific, as well as leaders from other parts of the world looking to increase their knowledge of the opportunities in the region, working closely with our partners to ensure the correct level of highly valued attendees. Delegates will also hear first-hand the results of a piece of benchmark research from OMFIF on the investment approach of central bank reserve managers, one of the most influential groups of global investors.

As well as an opportunity to gain insights into and build relationships with core members of OMFIF’s network, this event is a chance for partnering institutions to show their global and regional leadership at a time where good advice and market-leading solutions are more important than ever. It will also showcase the wealth of opportunities that Hong Kong offers the financial industry now and in the future. It will give OMFIF’s partners a platform to demonstrate their commitment to Hong Kong and Greater China as a place to build client relationships and do business.

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