Thu 28 Sep 2023 14:00 - 15:15

The digital assets ecosystem is going through a period of remarkable dynamism, moving from risky but exciting technology to production-grade, regulated business. Progress – both technical and regulatory – is extraordinarily rapid. This report from OMFIF’s Digital Monetary Institute will identify and analyse the assets, technology and service providers that are already shaping the future of digital finance. The winds of the crypto winter have blown away much of the speculative froth in the digital assets space and left us with a far clearer view of where real value and solid, reliable infrastructure is to be found.

OMFIF’s Digital assets report examines the developing ecosystem, highlighting those exchanges, custodians and other infrastructure providers that have demonstrated the most robust and resilient quality throughout this challenging period. The report, and the related pre- and post-launch events and discussions, are a prime opportunity for infrastructure and service providers in both the digital and traditional assets markets – including banks, exchanges, custodians, lawyers and technology providers – to showcase their credentials and shape outcomes in a rapidly developing area of finance.

Key questions explored in the report:

  • Who will own the plumbing for the digital asset ecosystem?
  • Who will shape the rules and policies that govern it?
  • How will digital asset technology change the world of traditional finance?
  • What asset classes will transition to digital first?
  • What infrastructure providers have distinguished themselves as high-quality, robust and stable components of a healthy marketplace?
  • How will regulators seek to reshape the cryptocurrency market in the aftermath of the crypto winter?

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