November 2012: Order changing

Don’t let’s call this a new world order. But the order is changing across the world. OMFIF returns to Africa and Asia in November with our second core meeting in Africa at the Bank of Mauritius, and with the second Asian Central Banks’ Watchers Conference, at Bank Indonesia. To mark these developments, the November Bulletin carries a number of articles that address key aspects of the African and Asian economic and monetary scene. We must not forget Latin America, which will play a big role for OMFIF activities in 2013.

Meghnad Desai expounds how countries with colonial pasts normally spend 40 years carrying out foolhardy policies and then awaken to the necessity of more sensible actions. According to this admittedly not particularly scientific rule, African countries are now due to forge ahead. It may already be happening.
José Filomeno de Sousa dos Santos, board member of Angola’s new sovereign wealth fund, explains its objectives in terms of social investment as well as fulfilling the country’s infrastructure needs. Albert Bressand outlines the eight Millennium Development Goals, which he says place basic human needs above ideological disputes.

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