January 2019: Bulletin at 100

OMFIF was born on a wave of reflection that the good times couldn’t possibly last – because they only recently had come to an end. January 2010, the date of the first of what has now become 100 monthly Bulletins, marked the onset of a long, halting recovery from the financial crisis. The world gingerly edged forward, knowing that at each step it could fall down again.

Central banks have become more visible and more vulnerable. The 100th edition recognises the bittersweet realities of modern central banking. Eight serving and former central bank governors and deputy governors have contributed to this edition of the magazine, representing both major advanced economies and emerging powers around the world.

All our long-running themes are covered with the help of a cadre of writers from private sector financial institutions and multilateral organisations. We have articles on the rise of the renminbi, sustainable economics, impact investing and central banks’ gold-buying, to name but a few subjects.

For the 100th edition we have put on a display of economics pyrotechnics. Under the new quarterly format, the next Bulletin appears in April. We’re sure it will be worth the wait.

Key contributors to this edition of The Bulletin include:

  • James Bullard, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;
  • Mario Marcel, governor of the Banco Central de Chile;
  • Yannis Stournaras, governor of the Bank of Greece;
  • Nestor Espenilla, governor of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas;
  • Carlos da Silva Costa, governor of the Banco de Portugal;
  • Daniel Mminele, deputy governor of the South African Reserve Bank.

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