January 2012: When sorrows come

When sorrows come, they come not in single spies, but in battalions. A year ago, OMFIF produced a special Monthly Bulletin on the euro, in the hope that we could get the matter off our chest, solve the small collection of modestly-taxing outstanding issues, and move on to more constructive matters. A year on (as perhaps we knew all along), the euro’s self-inflicted and self-fuelling problems are still with us. The January 2012 edition – with contributions from 15 of our now 84-strong Advisory Board – thus deals with the delicious, terrifying matter of world economic interdependence. Please see p.30-31 for the full array of our board which includes new members John Adams, a former Bank of England official who is an expert on China; Paul Betts, the former long-time Financial Times European business correspondent; Trevor Greetham, director of asset allocation at Fidelity Worldwide Investment; and Jack Wigglesworth, former chairman of London futures exchange Liffe.

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