February 2012: Birthday blues

John Kornblum, the former US ambassador to Germany who is one of our Advisory Board members, pointed out in the January 2012 OMFIF Bulletin how this year sees the 20th anniversaries of two momentous events: the collapse of the Soviet Union and the signing of the Maastricht treaty. In this special edition, we look at the consequences of the ceremonial accord in the Netherlands on the treaty on economic and monetary union (EMU), which some say was indeed the final treaty of the Cold War. The Maastricht birthday on 7 February will not be celebrated everywhere with great gusto. It coincides with a special International Statesman’s Dinner in London at which OMFIF’s guest is Gerhard Schröder, the former German chancellor. Schröder is linked to the history of EMU for three notable and slightly paradoxical reasons.

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