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Real Economy

07 March 2019 / Europe

Gender Balance Index launch

Gender Balance Index marking International Women’s Day

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10 December 2018 / Global

The retreat of globalisation

Political risk series: The retreat of globalisation

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04 December 2018 / Europe

Political risk series: The Brexit deal

Political risk series: The Brexit deal, scenarios after the parliamentary vote

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26 November 2018 / Asia Pacific

Interference and independence at RBI

Political risk series:Interference and independence at the Reserve Bank of India

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25 November 2018 / North America,Latin America Caribbean,Middle East,Global

In conversation: Caroline Atkinson

In conversation: Caroline Atkinson

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14 November 2018 / North America

Fed Talk: US midterms special

Fed Talk: US midterms special

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12 November 2018 / US

Rising external deficit 'made in USA'

As US external deficits widen in response to relatively strong US economic performance and imbalanced macroeconomic policies, there is a considerable risk the Trump administration could amplify its protectionist rhetoric and actions. Yet rising US trade and current account deficits are largely 'made in America'. The increasing divergence between the US and other major global economies, aggravated by the imbalanced US macroeconomic policy mix, remains the most striking aspect of the worsening currency confusion.

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07 November 2018 / Asia Pacific

Chinese economy is undoubtedly cooling

The Shanghai Composite Index tumbled by more than 9% in October, and has shed 25% for the year. To determine the probability of a cool down, one must look at the money supply, broadly measured. The relationship between the growth rate of the money supply and nominal GDP is unambiguous and overwhelming. It is unsurprising that Chinese stock markets have been rattled. Moreover, as China has for some time been the biggest contributor to world growth, the cooling spreads beyond the country's borders.

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07 November 2018 / Asia Pacific,North America

In Conversation: Scott Morris

In Conversation: Scott Morris, senior fellow, Center for Global Development

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