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Monetary Policy

22 January 2019 / Global

Proper perspective on emerging risks

You can hear the bearishness in everyone's voices. They fear a market swoon in a world of unstable politics. Risks are mounting, as indicated by recent data signalling slight economic contractions in Germany and Japan. There is plenty of room for unpleasant surprises, especially from higher debt servicing costs and continuing pressures on some emerging markets. But it is important to keep these risks in proper perspective against a global economy that is slowing, but still very strong, and political tensions that are distracting, but unlikely to trigger recession.

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16 January 2019 / Global

Central banks heading for exit

In among all the concern about economic growth rolling over, it is important to recognise that central banks are still heading to the exit. Just before Christmas the Sveriges Riksbank raised rates for the first time in this cycle, a move that went largely unnoticed. In its monetary report, the Swedish central bank acknowledged that countries were entering 'a phase of more subdued GDP growth' globally. The central bank referenced the uncertainties surrounding Brexit and 'the ongoing trade conflict between the US and several other countries'.

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15 January 2019 / Europe

Fiscal money solution for Rome

Fiscal money is a transferable and negotiable government-issued security that bearers may use for obtaining tax rebates two years from issuance. In the case of Italy, FM could fund public investments and social spending programmes, supplement employees' income and reduce businesses' tax-wedge on labour. These allocations would increase and sustain a higher level of domestic demand and improve business competitiveness. As a result, Italy's output gap would close without affecting the country's external balance.

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14 January 2019 / Asia Pacific

The Asian century series: Global China

The Asian century series: Global China

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08 January 2019 / Europe

In conversation: Marco Cattaneo

In conversation: Marco Cattaneo, Member of the Group of Fiscal Money, Italy

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07 January 2019 / North America,Global

Fed Talk: 2018 overview and 2019 outlook

Fed Talk: 2018 overview and 2019 outlook

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19 December 2018 / Global

A year in review: reflections on 2018

A year in review: reflections on 2018 and prospects for 2019

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17 December 2018 / Asia Pacific,North America

US-China trade war

US-China trade war and implications for Asia-Pacific region

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