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Monetary Policy

20 November 2018 / Europe

Monetary policy normalisation in Europe

OMFIF joint seminar with the Bank of Slovenia

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14 November 2018 / Asia Pacific

Third OMFIF-JCER Policy Meeting

Third OMFIF-JCER Policy Meeting

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09 October 2018 / Asia Pacific

Shaping the future of central banks

OMFIF-Bank of Thailand meeting

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18 June 2018 / Europe

Future of the European Central Bank

Panel discussion on the future of the European Central Bank

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13 June 2018 / Europe

Maintaining the UK's financial stability

City lecture with Anil Kashyap, Bank of England

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11 June 2018 / Asia Pacific,Europe

Political economy roundtable

Japan-Britain political economy roundtable with Sir Simon McDonald, FCO

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23 May 2018 / Asia Pacific,North America,Latin America Caribbean,Middle East,Africa,Europe

Launch of the fifth annual GPI

Launch of the fifth annual Global Public Investor

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22 May 2018 / Europe

The euro area and accession conditions

National Bank of Romania - OMFIF Economists Meeting

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22 May 2018 / Europe

Delegating power to the governors

Paul Tucker's tome 'Unelected Power' ranges over the risks of untrammelled growth in central bank powers after the 2008 financial crisis and the need to constrain them in a series of agency agreements fully intertwined into the fabric of elected government. He draws some telling parallels with the judiciary and the military, two organs to which the government devolves exceptional powers. All three arms of state are given still greater authority at times of crisis; governors, as Tucker drily observes, can always be found at the scene of financial disasters.

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16 May 2018 / US

Lowering the Fed balance sheet

In the light of rising inflation and a tightened labour market putting upward pressure on wage growth, it is unsurprising that some analysts now expect the Fed to lift rates a total of four times this year. At the same time, the Fed's long-term plan to shrink its unprecedently large balance sheet is in its sixth month. Janet Yellen and Jay Powell, the former and sitting Fed chairs, characterised moves on both these fronts as essential on the path towards policy normalisation after years of low interest rates and quantitative easing.

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