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Monetary Policy

07 March 2019 / Europe

Gender Balance Index launch

Gender Balance Index marking International Women’s Day

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14 November 2018 / Asia Pacific

Third OMFIF-JCER Policy Meeting

Third OMFIF-JCER Policy Meeting

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09 October 2018 / Asia Pacific

Shaping the future of central banks

OMFIF-Bank of Thailand meeting

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03 October 2018 / North America

US economic outlook

Lecture with Charles Evans, president and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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25 September 2018

Where next for the euro?

A discussion with Peter Praet, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB

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19 September 2018 / Europe

The UK’s macroeconomic outlook

A discussion with Silvana Tenreyro, member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England

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11 September 2018 / Europe

The need for expansionary monetary policy

A discussion with Stefan Ingves, Governor, Sveriges Riksbank

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17 August 2018 / Global

Winners and losers

The much-desired multipolar world is here, but this does not herald the return of anarchy. Donald Trump's post-Davos world represents the next phase of capitalism after the liberal trading order that started in 1995. With a plethora of interested parties, rather than just two competing superpowers, there will be winners and losers. The world system of the past quarter-century was never as faultless as often advertised. We should get on with making the best of circumstances which are neither as new nor as troublesome as many imagine.

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10 August 2018 / China

Navigating China's savings surplus

China's current account surplus, measuring its excess savings vis-a-vis the rest of the world, is dwindling fast. This is causing the Chinese government to rethink its foreign investment strategies. Beijing may have to choose between slowing down outbound direct investment and scaling back the Belt and Road infrastructure initiative. China may be able to postpone the choice by reducing its stock of US Treasury bonds. Such a sell-off would, however, add one more problem to the already long list of China-US complications.

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06 August 2018 / Global

Dynamics driving the next financial cris

Financial stability series: Dynamics driving the next financial crisis

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