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12 June 2019 / Asia Pacific,North America,Latin America Caribbean,Middle East,Africa,Europe,Global

Global Public Investors and a sustainable world economy

Seminar on sustainability and opportunities for global public investors

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12 June 2019 / Asia Pacific,North America,Latin America Caribbean,Middle East,Africa,Europe,Global

Global Public Investor launch 2019: Global Public Investors and a sustainable world economy

Launch of the 6th annual Global Public Investor: Sustainability panel discussion

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03 May 2019 / Asia Pacific,North America,Latin America Caribbean,Middle East,Africa,Europe,Global

Emerging digital technologies for financial inclusion: Role of central banks

Workshop at the Asian Development Bank annual meeting

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15 April 2019 / Europe

Brexit special episode

Brexit: the political and economic implications for the UK and EU

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10 April 2019 / Europe

France, Germany and the future of Europe

Europe continues to be prisoner to a concept of sovereignty developed for its past. Setting European sovereignty against national sovereignty is a mistake that would come at a high price. In the middle are France and Germany. Both are aware that the EU must decide, after the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament, how to face up to the threat of disaggregation. The EU needs institutional capacity-building in the centre, but it also needs member states with their own institutional strength. A new world requires new ideas.

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09 April 2019 / China

Beijing ready to 'China-ise' the West

The West is slowly getting over the idea that China will 'westernise'. The illusion that it is only a matter of time before the population's rising wealth will deprive the Chinese Communist Party of the power it wields is dissipating. China is enjoying growing wealth because the authorities have set loose beneficial market forces. Many western firms have profited from this, and many more crave China's custom. This means Beijing can now take the route of 'China-ising' the West, including by promoting wider use of the renminbi.

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05 April 2019 / Asia Pacific

UK-Singapore ties after Brexit

A panel discussion on 3 April in Singapore, organised by the British Chamber of Commerce, was convened to discuss the probable repercussions of the delay and the implications of Brexit for Asian stakeholders. Speakers at the panel were positive about the future of the Singapore-UK partnership, writes Adam Cotter.

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02 April 2019 / Global

Mood set to be downbeat at IMF meetings

The IMF spring meetings will undoubtedly seek to create a positive buzz around policy-makers. But international co-operation may prove to be in short supply. The US is generating global trade tensions and understandably seen as an unreliable leader and partner. China is fighting off its near-term economic malaise at the same time its growth model is facing rising internal contradictions between the state and markets. An introverted Europe is consumed by its own weaknesses. Behind the curtains, the spring meetings are likely to be a downbeat event.

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01 April 2019 / Asia Pacific

Spotlight on the Indian elections

Spotlight on the Indian elections

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