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Finance and Capital Markets

28 March 2019 / Global

US proposal may address IMF resources

Behind the scenes in Washington, the US is proposing to double the International Monetary Fund's 'New Arrangements to Borrow', one of the pots from which the Fund draws its overall loanable resources. Under the proposal, IMF quotas will remain unchanged. For Managing Director Christine Lagarde, this would alleviate immediate threats to the Fund's resource base. For European, Japanese and US representatives, it would also postpone the debate about shifts in voting powers to emerging markets.

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25 March 2019 / Global

Effects of shadow banking

Effects of shadow banking on the traditional financial system

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25 March 2019 / Asia Pacific,North America,Latin America Caribbean,Middle East,Africa,Europe,Global

How do central banks invest

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13 March 2019 / North America

In Conversation: Nellie Liang

In Conversation: Nellie Liang

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11 March 2019 / Global

Private debt

Private debt and the next financial crisis – Financial instability series

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05 March 2019 / Global

Gender Diversity in central banks

GBI series: Gender Diversity in central banks

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25 February 2019 / Global

The potential for digital currencies

In Conversation: The potential for central bank digital currencies

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21 February 2019 / Asia Pacific

Financing emerging Asia infrastructure

Despite much discussion and effort, private capital is still not playing the role it can or should in financing infrastructure projects in emerging Asia. Increased geopolitical uncertainty and shifts in terms of sources of infrastructure financing, as well as broader trade and political partnerships, are accentuating market sensitivity in the region. In the light of such uncertainty, multilateral institutions such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank can bolster public investment, given their ability to lend counter-cyclically and take longer-term exposures.

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18 February 2019 / Global

Geographic inequality

Geographic inequality and the rise of economic hubs

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