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Press Releases

The OMFIF Bulletin - November 2018: In good faith

The OMFIF Bulletin - October 2018: All eyes on Asia

The OMFIF Bulletin - September 2018: Africa connected

Mark Sobel becomes OMFIF US chairman

The OMFIF Bulletin - July-August 2018: Digital Invasion

The OMFIF Bulletin - June 2018: Evaluating ESG strategies

The OMFIF Bulletin - May 2018: Exploring reserve management strategies

The OMFIF Bulletin - April 2018: Adventures in Brexitland

The OMFIF Bulletin - March 2018: The gender agenda

The OMFIF Bulletin - February 2018: Seeking stability

The OMFIF Bulletin - January 2018: New year, new Bulletin

19.12.17 OMFIF strengthens management and board

The OMFIF Bulletin - December 2017: Power plays

The OMFIF Bulletin - November 2017: Homeland insecurity

The OMFIF Bulletin - October 2017: Future of finance

The OMFIF Bulletin - September 2017: Coping with global flows

The OMFIF Bulletin - July-August 2017: Green finance heats up

The OMFIF Bulletin - June 2017: China's caution

The OMFIF Bulletin - May 2017: Oil in the twilight zone

The OMFIF Bulletin - April 2017: Shock and renewal

Kimis, Longhurst-Pierce, Roberts in new OMFIF roles

Johannes Witteveen appointed honorary chairman of advisory board

Global Public Investor Gender Balance Index

The OMFIF Bulletin - March 2017: Gender matters

The OMFIF Bulletin - February 2017: Coping with change

OMFIF report: Trump - The search for an improbable balance

The OMFIF Bulletin - January 2017: Growth, risk, vulnerability

OMFIF appoints Mthuli Ncube to board of directors

When Britain Went Bust - The 1976 IMF Crisis book launch

OMFIF Focus Report - December 2016: Political risk on display

The OMFIF Bulletin - December 2016: Central banks and the power of personality

OMFIF extends Asia reach in Singapore

The OMFIF Bulletin - November 2016: Eastward shift

OMFIF report: Candidate Clinton's chance

OMFIF report: Mastering flows, strengthening markets

The OMFIF Bulletin – October 2016: From monetary to fiscal

The OMFIF Conversations: Jean-Claude Trichet

The OMFIF Conversations: Foreign reserves in a volatile world

OMFIF report: At the edge of the shock – Japan's problematic monetary future 

OMFIF report: Seven Ages of Gold

OMFIF report: Obama's mixed economic legacy overshadows US presidential race

The OMFIF Bulletin - September 2016: Modi and the market

OMFIF expands Advisory Board, appoints Danae Kyriakopoulou as Head of Research

Telephone briefing: 'The political economy of Donald Trump'

OMFIF report: How Trump could surprise on infrastructure

The OMFIF Bulletin - July-August 2016: March of female power

OMFIF report: Global Public Investor 2016

OMFIF report: UK referendum series

OMFIF report: Foreign exchange reserves in a volatile world

The OMFIF Bulletin - June 2016: Storm-tossed currencies

China at an inflection point: what does it mean for Asia?

The OMFIF Bulletin – May 2016: Fed and the election

CCB and OMFIF sign strategic partnership - 27 April 2016

The OMFIF Bulletin – April 2016: Lagarde leads

The OMFIF Bulletin – March 2016: Juggling with Abenomics

The OMFIF Bulletin – February 2016: China in transition

The OMFIF Bulletin – January 2016: Multicurrency journeys

Female triumvirate in power in 2016, OMFIF advisory board predicts

Former UK foreign secretary calls for EU referendum in 2017

Tide of returning Africans ‘spearheading economic dynamism’

The OMFIF Bulletin – December 2015

OMFIF Press and Quantum Global announce the winner of cover art competition

The Convergence of Nations book – Press release

The OMFIF Bulletin – November 2015