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Brian Reading has been informing, illuminating and occasionally infuriating readers for 50 years with his trenchant commentaries on economic and financial affairs.

Reading's range spreads well beyond his native UK and the land of his close affiliation, New Zealand, where he lived between 1999 and 2009. From formative years as an adviser to 1970s British Prime Minister Edward Heath to his five years as economics editor of The Economist and his lengthy spell at Lombard Street Research, Reading has been on the monetary and financial frontline.

A member of the OMFIF Advisory Board, Reading ranges over a broad sweep of issues. These range from the future of the UK after Brexit – which he supported before the June referendum (OMFIF took a neutral view on the issue in line with its overall non-partisanship) – to the future of the world monetary system.

OMFIF would be pleased to receive comments on this series. Please e-mail publishing@omfif.org

24 Feb 2017 - Trump has his own party to fear

17 Feb 2017 - EU must change – or collapse

10 Feb 2017 - Fragile Tory party unity on Brexit

6 Feb 2017 - Crisis in US separation of powers

2 Feb 2017 - May the Machiavelli

27 Jan 2017 - Helicopter money from heaven

20 Jan 2017 - Incompatible red lines

13 Jan 2017 - Consequences of group-think

6 Jan 2017 - Politicians politicising civil service

22 Dec 2016 - A new 30 Years War in the making

16 Dec 2016 - The Battle of Brexit

9 Dec 2016 - Theresa, Ted and Maggie

2 Dec 2016 - Inconsistencies scupper OBR projections

25 Nov 2016 - Demography matters

16 Nov 12016 - Setting farmers free

11 Nov 2016 - Testing the separation of powers

4 Nov 2016 - Japan - not as sickly as it seems

28 Oct 2016 - Saving pensioners from penury

21 Oct 2016 - US politics on a sexual battlefield

7 Oct 2016 - TTIP, protests and the lessons of history