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Gender imbalance in ECB presidential posts

The poll for this month focuses on the candidacy for the European Central Bank’s top two positions. Participants were asked: ‘What are your expectations for the European Central Bank president and vice-president candidates when Mario Draghi and Vítor Constâncio step down?  a. Both women b. A man and a woman  c. Both men’.

Of those who responded to the advisers network poll, 58% believe the candidates will be a man and a woman against 42% saying both men. None of our advisers believed they would be both women.
The results were partly influenced by the ECB, in mid-February, announcing that two men were running for vice-president. Subsequently, few answers were optimistic that there would be a situation other than another man being announced as president.
OMFIF’s Twitter network took a more varied view, with 23% for both women, 46% man and woman and 31% both men, though they came to the same conclusions as our advisers.

AB Poll chart 

‘Both men, because these are the only candidates and proto-candidates on the table for the positions.’
Tavares Moreira, formerly Banco de Portugal

‘As regulations push for gender equality in finance, it is unreasonable for the top European regulator to appoint same-sex candidates for both positions.’
Korkmaz Ilkorur, Credit Europe

‘Given the state of the debate on gender I will
go for a man and a woman.’
Roel Janssen, author

‘In today’s world, affirmative gender action rules. Appointing men for both roles would be unlikely.’
Steve Hanke, The Johns Hopkins University

‘We are likely to end up with two men for President, between the current head of the Bundesbank and the governor of the Banque de France.’
Hemraz Jankee, formerly Bank of Mauritius

‘My clear expectation is two men. There are no obvious female candidates for these two posts.’
Niels Thygesen, University of Copenhagen