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Mixed views on the level of threat to international financial stability

Mixed views on the level of threat to international financial stability

Five large emerging market economies which were hit by financial market fall-out last summer face important elections this year: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and South Africa.

Members of the Advisory Board were asked to give their assessment for each country in marks out of five of their perception of the likelihood that political and economic developments from each country will pose a threat to international financial stability.

0 = No threat
1 = Small threat
2 = Small to medium threat
3 = Medium-sized threat
4 = Fairly large threat
5 = Large threat

Advisory Board members largely felt that Brazil's political and economic developments will pose a small threat to international financial stability; India to also pose a small threat; Indonesia and Turkey poses a medium-sized threat, but the views on South Africa were very open – 26% thought that there will no threat to international financial stability, 22% felt there would be a small threat, and 26% felt that there would be a medium-sized threat.

There were mixed views throughout all responses, each showing a different perception of threat levels to each of the five countries.

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