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Code of ethics and professional conduct

All OMFIF staff are bound by the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

The Code pays particular attention to sensitive issues regarding information exchanges that may affect financial markets and/or may enable investors on these markets to benefit from any ensuing price movements.

It is vital that no one at OMFIF should undertake any activity that could possibly leave them or OMFIF open to allegations of having used their position to gain personal profit or carry out any kind of market manipulation. It sets down, in particular, restrictions on the use of information that OMFIF employees may acquire through any channel.

As a fundamental condition for the integrity and success of OMFIF, as part of its core values, the Company must uphold the highest possible professional and ethical standards – and must be recognised as doing so. This obligation places responsibility on every OMFIF employee to conduct her/himself according to practices which maintain OMFIF’s reputation for accuracy, integrity and honesty.

The Code forms the cornerstone of the system of self-regulation to which we are committed. This is essential to achieving OMFIF’s objective of carrying out useful dialogue with public and private financial institutions. The Code should be honoured in the letter and in the spirit.

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is as follows:

OMFIF employees

• must act with integrity, diligence, respect, and in an ethical manner with the public, members, prospective members, employers, employees and other participants and stakeholders in OMFIF, regardless of job function or status

• must not use for their own profit, or that of connected parties, financial information they receive in advance of its general publication, nor should they pass such information to others

• must not engage in any conduct that damages the reputation, security, sustainability or integrity of OMFIF

• must keep information about the Company and current, former, and prospective members confidential unless a) the information concerns illegal activities; b) disclosure is required by law; c) the Company or member permits disclosure of the information

• should not make remarks deemed likely to bring OMFIF or any individual or member organisation associated with it into disrepute

• must use reasonable care and judgment to achieve and maintain objectivity in their professional activities

• must not offer, solicit, or accept any gift, benefit, compensation, or consideration that reasonably could be expected to compromise their own or another’s independence and objectivity, or that could create a conflict of interest with the Company’s aims and objectives

• must not knowingly make any misrepresentations

• must make reasonable efforts to detect and prevent violations of applicable laws, rules and regulations (including the Code) by anyone subject to their supervision or authority.