Embracing GSS sovereign bond issuance in central and eastern Europe

Live: Thursday 2 March 2023

09:00-12:00 (London)
04:00-07:00 (New York)
17:00-20:00 (Singapore)

The objective of the workshop is to help emerging market sovereign issuers in central and eastern Europe enter the green, social and sustainable bond markets. By bringing in key stakeholders from all sides of the GSS capital markets – experienced debt management offices, development banks, investors, ratings agencies and intermediaries – these workshops build a firm foundation for debt management offices to prepare future issuance in these markets.

We will explore lessons from recent debut issuers and thoughts from incoming first-time issuers that are planning to introduce GSS bond frameworks as well as from investors in this area on the key themes and developments of this market.

This on-the-record and in-person event is to be broadcast globally to the OMFIF network, which includes policy-makers, issuers, investors and central bankers. All sessions will be recorded and made available on demand shortly after the event has finished.

The 2023 series by OMFIF’s Sovereign Debt Institute follows the culmination of the 2022 GSS issuer workshops, which attracted 40 DMOs and ministries of finance and over 50 investors from around the world.


Marjan Divjak

Marjan Divjak
Director General
Treasury Directorate-Slovenia

Felipe Gordillo
ESG Senior Analyst


Ella Hoxha
Senior Investment Manager
Pictet Asset Management

Theodor Kirschner Capitulum

Theodor Kirschner
Portfolio manager
Capitulum Asset Management

Zoltan Kuráli 2

Zoltan Kurali
Chief Executive Officer
Government Debt Management Agency

Stefan Nanu
Head of Public Debt Management & State Treasury
Ministry of Finance, Romania

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This discussion is part of the OMFIF Sovereign Debt Institute. The SDI brings together DMOs, supranational agencies, public investors and capital market banks to promote high-level strategic dialogue and co-operation to help sovereign borrowers meet the challenges they face. Please contact sofia.melis@omfif.org directly for membership details.