Building on OMFIF’s status as an independent think tank for central banks, the Digital Monetary Institute brought together 2,000+ policy-makers, technology experts and investors on 11-12 May 2022 to push the boundaries of the discussion on practical and theoretical aspects of central bank digital currencies, stablecoins, cryptoassets and the future of money at a two day virtual symposium.

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Day one- 11 May 2022

Day two- 29 April 2021

The role of central banks in payments

• Shifts in the co-existence of public and private money
• The impact of unbundling money on the financial system
• Confluence of big tech and stablecoins in retail payments
• Addressing disintermediation concerns
• Balancing new market entrants and maintaining competition

Inge van Dijk, Director, Payments and Markets Infrastructure Division, De Nederlandsche Bank
Masaki Bessho, Head of FinTech Center, Bank of Japan
Saskia Devolder, Strategic Programme Director Cross-border Payments, SWIFT
Stephen Cecchetti, Professor of Global Finance, Brandeis International Business School

Moderator: John Orchard, CEO, OMFIF

Keynote in-conversation: How can central banks innovate in the digital age?

Speaker: Xiaochen Zhang, Amazon, Principal Manager, WW Financial Risk & Economic Development, Amazon Web Services

Moderator: Katie-Ann Wilson, Managing Director, Digital Monetary Institute, OMFIF

Taking the lead – retail CBDCs and emerging markets

• Combating financial exclusion and maintaining monetary sovereignty
• The CBDC ecosystem: roles, interfaces and potential benefits in times of crisis
• Addressing consumers, merchants and sectors that lack digital infrastructures
• Currency substitution concerns from non-domestic CBDCs
• Moving beyond walled garden phenomena; solving interoperability and fungibility

Aristides Andrade Cavalcante Neto, Chief of Cybersecurity and Technical Innovation Office, Banco Central do Brasil
Mario Griffiths, Director, Payment System Policy and Development, Bank of Jamaica
Wolfram Seidemann, CEO, G+D Currency Technology
Matthew Saal, Head of Digital Finance, International Finance Corporation

Moderator: Kat Usita, Managing Director, Research, OMFIF

Confidential computing: a security first blockchain for CBDCs

David Chan, chief executive officer and co-founder of eCora, joins Lewis McLellan, editor of OMFIF’s Digital Monetary Institute, to discuss eCora’s blockchain protocol, its foundation in confidential computing, which mitigates the risks of security breaches from private key mismanagement, and its unique interleaved blockchain consensus mechanism, which can process a high volume of transactions without requiring burdensome computing power.

Moderator: Lewis McLellan, Editor, Digital Monetary Institute, OMFIF

Stablecoins and their role in the financial system

• Solving interoperability and financial inclusion challenges
• Will DLT platforms come to dominate exchange mechanisms?
• Payment stablecoins and implications for economic sanctions
• Distinguishing between stablecoins, tokenised deposits and CBDCs
• Implications for liquidity and risk management

Antoine Martin, Senior Vice-President, Research and Statistics, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Christian Catalini, Founder, MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab and Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Duncan Fitzgerald, Financial Services Risk and Reg and Crypto partner, PwC Hong Kong and China
Anastasia Raissis, Director, Worldwide Financial Risk & Economic Development, Amazon Web Services

Moderator: Lewis McLellan, Editor, Digital Monetary Institute, OMFIF

Transformation across Asia’s payments landscape

• The need for wholesale CBDC
• Pain points in cross-border transfers
• Exploring netting versus instant settlement
• Promoting regulatory alignment across the region
• Harnessing digitalisation for remittances in Asia

Mamerto Tangonan, Deputy Governor, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Ozzier Khan, Director, Digital Innovation and Architecture Division, Asian Development Bank
Atul Bhuchar, Head of Product Banking Utilities, Partior

Moderator: Phil Middleton, Chairman Digital Monetary Institute, OMFIF

Presentation: The Case for Digital Cash


  • Arnault Weber, Head of MSS & Digital Marketing, SICPA
  • Shiri Band, Technical Product Lead, SICPA

Keynote in conversation: Regulating cryptoassets – Balancing innovation and financial stability

Speaker: Ashley Alder, CEO, Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong

Moderator: Phil Middleton, Chairman Digital Monetary Institute, OMFIF

Keynote in-conversation: DLT and the future of intraday liquidity

John Velissarios, Global Managing Director, Blockchain and Multiparty Systems, Digital Assets Custody and CBDC lead, Accenture
Jennifer Peve, Managing Director, Head of Strategy & Business Development at The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

Lewis McLellan, Editor, Digital Monetary Institute, OMFIF

Presentation: Transforming international payments

Lewis McLellan, editor of OMFIF’s Digital Monetary Institute, joins Victoria Cumings, chief legal and regulatory officer at, to discuss how the Financial Stability Board’s roadmap for enhancing cross-border payments is driving change in the payments ecosystem. They discuss public and private sector efforts to transform international payments and delve into how new thinking and approaches can contribute towards industry improvements.

Global cross-border payments – from targets to execution

• Roles of the public and private sector in upgrading cross-border payment infrastructures
• Streamlining regulatory harmonisation on data frameworks
• Solving digital identity, anti-money laundering and know-your-customer requirements
• Ensuring trust in international payments through security and resilience
• M-CBDC and the future of cross-border transfers

Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli, Division Chief, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, International Monetary Fund
Chad Harper, Global Payments Fellow, Visa Economic Empowerment Institute, Visa
James Wallis, Vice-President, Central Bank Engagements and CBDCs, Ripple
Kieran Murphy, Member of Secretariat, Financial Stability Board

Moderator: Katie-Ann Wilson, Managing Director, Digital Monetary Institute, OMFIF

Data and digitalisation: towards a new digital economy

• Social and economic benefits of harnessing data through technological innovation
• Managing global fragmentation in governance and regulation of data
• Data, financial inclusion and digital id
• Promoting competition through open access to data
• Overcoming cybersecurity challenges

Valentina Ion, Director, Government Industry Solutions, Microsoft
Ed Bowles, Director, Public Policy, Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, Meta
Douglas Arner, Kerry Holdings Professor in Law, University of Hong Kong
Kay Turner, Chief Digital Identity Advisor, US Treasury
Molly Mahar, Senior Associate Director, Division of Supervision and Regulation, Federal Reserve Board

Moderator: Clive Horwood, Managing Editor and Deputy CEO, OMFIF

Keynote in conversation: Open banking and ESG: using new technologies for sustainable finance

Speaker: Valentina Ion, Director, Government Industry Solutions, Microsoft

Technology, cryptoassets and the promise of decentralised finance

• The geopolitical role of cryptoassets
• From retail to institutional investors: Assessing risk and opportunities
• Legal and regulatory approaches to cryptoassets
• Role in a post-pandemic macroeconomic environment

Hester Peirce, Commissioner, US Securities and Exchange Commission
Steve Kokinos, CEO, Algorand
Timothy Massad, former Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission (2014-17)

Moderator: Patricia Haas Cleveland, US President, OMFIF

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Antoine Martin
Senior Vice President Research and Statistics
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Anastasia Raissis
Anastasia Raissis
WW Financial Risk & Economic Development
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Ashley Alder
Board Chair, International Organization of Securities Commissions;
Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission
Aristides Andrade Cavalcante Neto
Chief of Cybersecurity and Technological Innovation Office
Central Bank of Brazil
Atul Bhuchar
Head of Product Banking Utilities
Christian Catalini
MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab and Research Scientist
David Chan
CEO & CoFounder
Douglas Arner
Kerry Holdings Professor in Law
University of Hong Kong
Hester Peirce
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Inge van Dijk
Director Payments and Markets Infrastructure Division
De Nederlandsche Bank
James Wallis
Vice President of Central Bank Engagements & CBDCs
Arnault Weber
Head of MSS & Digital Marketing
John Velissarios
Global Managing Director
Blockchain and Multiparty Systems
Digital Assets Custody and CBDC lead
Kieran Murphy
Member of Secretariat
Financial Stability Board
Mamerto E. Tangonan
Deputy Governor
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)
Mark Williamson
Global Head of FX Everywhere
Partnerships & Propositions
Mario Griffiths
Director, Payment System Policy and Development
Bank of Jamaica
Masaki Bessho
Head of Fintech Centre
Bank of Japan
Saskia Devolder
Strategic Programme Director Cross-border Payments
Shiri Band
Technical Product Lead
Stephen Cecchetti
Professor of Global Finance
Brandeis International Business School
Steve Kokinos
Timothy Massad edited and updated headshot
Timothy Massad
Former Chairman
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (2014-17)
Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli
Division Chief Monetary and Capital Markets Department
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Valentina Ion
Director of Government Public Finance Industry
Victoria Cumings
Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer
RTGS. Global
Wolfram Seidemann
Chief Executive Officer
G+D Currency Technology
Xiaochen Zhang
Principal Manager
WW Financial Risk & Economic Development
Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Kay Turner
Chief Digital Identity Advisor
US Treasury
Duncan Fitzgerald
Financial Services Risk and Reg and Crypto partner
PwC Hong Kong and China
Ed Bowles
Global Director of Public Policy
Jennifer Peve
Managing Director
Head of Strategy & Business Development
The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC)


Central bank

Crypto assets
stable coins

Cross-border governance
of digital currencies

Distributed ledger technology
(DLT) and banking

capital markets

Event at a glance

  • Virtual two-day symposium

  • 50+ speakers from OMFIF’s global central banking community

  • 2000+ attendees drawn from institutional investors, banks, technology providers

  • Public panels and private roundtables

  • Exhibition stand area; open forums; bilateral meetings

  • Central banks reported directly on CBDC initiatives

  • Industry experts delivered the latest thought leadership

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